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Robby Harrison aka AngryDwarf, 1964-2011 R.I.P brother
3 Guests, 0 Users
TeamSpeak 3
Founded 2002 - Chicago, IL
We are -Method- Clan,
CountryBoy's Machine Gun - Winner 2010 Photo Contest  FPS killers from around the world. A large group of family and friends who speak, laugh and play together on a daily basis.

-(V)- has the worlds top Medal of Honor Allied Assault servers for well over 5 years straight. We have the soldiers, server administrators and map modders to back it up. We guarantee hack free game play and great MOHAA custom maps developed by -(V)- members.

Visit the clan servers on a regular basis. Being a regular visitor will help get you noticed and give you a good chance at being recruited.

You will also need to download and install the Teamspeak client (Teamspeak requires a microphone). As you look around, please, don't hesitate to introduce yourself. -(V)- clan members are very active and always enjoy the company of our guests!

If you are looking for world class MOHAA and online fps play - you've found it. Get Some!

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